An Artists Statement

The subject matter for many of my paintings comes from the San Bernardino Mountains, east of Los Angeles. Much of this region is protected wilderness, but as the city approaches this rural setting, the urban pressures of people, recreation, and development can be felt by residents and the mountain’s own flora and fauna. I feel that given today’s political climate, both local and national, much of this mountain area with its lakes and forests, peaks and streams, will someday be gone. I feel it is necessary to record this environment while it is still in a near pristine state. I offer to you, my viewers, my sensations and impressions of this natural wonder. My aim is to share some small portion of the benevolent spirit of the mountains in its moody lyricism and its heart-stopping drama. Please contact me at my e-mail address for further information if you are interested in any painting.

John Grady

About the Artist

I use acrylic and/or oils to paint landscapes and still-lifes. I also use permanent markers to make pointillist drawings of landscapes and still-lifes. I use mountain images as the starting point for my paintings and drawings: mountains, water, rocks, trees. I am influenced by George Innes, David Hockney, and the Japanese art philosophy of wabi sabi.

Associations: Member of the DogHouse Gallery in Sky Forest California and a member of Mountain Arts Network.


The DogHouse Studio

Mountain Arts Network